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# Meet Actiq - gamified training app for athletes powered by AI Sport Coaches

We're Actiq - gamified training app for athletes who spends $160-300/month to group trainings or remote coaching. Actiq provides adaptable AI coaches on top of Actiq app superior to Human Coaches in realtime data analysis, race day strategy, tailoring and adjusting training plans, and not kidding - personal neutrality, empathy and regular feedback (compare it to weekly calls with human coaches).

Unlike the competition with remote fitness coaches aggregators like Fittr or ML-driven endurance training apps like PKRS.AI and Enduco, our gamified training app revolutionizes athletic training with AI coaches, using deep learning, decision intelligence, tokenized incentives (also managed by AI) and constantly learning LLM for only $20/month.

# Fundamentals

In an era where the intersection of technology and sports is creating new frontiers, Actiquest Lab is set to launch a groundbreaking app that redefines athletic coaching.

Demand in sports is significantly growing. Human Sport Coaches are constantly over demanding and limited by design. Actiquest AI technologies will disrupt sport coaching, unlock it for masses and democratizes access to it.

Actiquest Lab is developing multimodal AI for autonomous and constantly learned AI sport coaches (human digital twins) based on a combination of deep learning, decision making, computer vision and generative AI enabled with natural language processing (NLP). The technology allows human coaches to digitize the training process and create AI-twin coaches using mobile app to train athletes remotely. Athletes can hear the AI coach's live recommendations, respond to him during training, make adjustments to the plan, receive rewards based on the results of completing training blocks, and much more. Supported sports: tennis, golf, power training, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, remedial gymnastics, etc.

The main concept of Actiquest AI multimodality is to use seamless data augmentation from CNN like Yolo with generative LLM like GPT to not wait for outperforming results in zero shot scene recognition by general vision enabled LLM's like Google Gemini. Smart-autolabeling of Computer Vision outputs yields 60fps human pose estimation, multiple object tracking and AI decision making at high speed. More about this you can read in our blog article

The Actiq main functionalities include comprehensive athlete omni-coaching path across several sports and tracking athletes during workouts, play sessions, and socialized competitions. All activities within the app are gamified and incentivized, creating a motivating and engaging training environment.

Actiq app collects more complex health data from users. Actiq app provides much more adjustability to our ML models via quality feedback from athletes. We create a comprehensive solution to help athletes prepare for endurance events by combining LLM and AI/ML Computer Vision tools.

Actiq app also records your training results and convert completed training blocks into valuable rewards. You can earn $ACTI token through your performance exercises, hold it or exchange coins for store purchases, physical products, digital collectibles, event tickets, organize real sport events and holder ranking to access features.

Actiq promotes an active lifestyle for its users. You can either hold the tokens to use in-app or cash out for profit. The more you practice, the more rewards you get; that is the motivation that pushes us forward to move our bodies so as to gain beneficial health improvement and control.

# Understanding AI Coaches

AI coaches are artificial intelligence entities, that uses a combination of computer vision, decision intelligence, set of langchain agents on top of pre-trained LLM with NLP-based voice feedback to interact with athlete during workouts.

AI coaches are always on duty. By implementing GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) models and robust speech recognition, AI Coaches can create highly adaptive, personal training plans for non-pro athletes, keeping their unique goals, fitness levels, and progress in mind. It gives a more accurate reflection of an athlete's efforts and guides their training effectively via gamified training blocks. AI Coaches are constantly learning from athletes using realistic NLP engine and by processing athlete's health data coming from various sources such as Strava, Google Fit, Garmin Health, etc.

In-App AI Coaches:

  • Are adjustable virtual characters;
  • Predicts and monitors athlete's performance;
  • Analyzes physical/mental state;
  • Provides motivated personalized feedback during training blocks
  • Constantly adjusts training plan to rise the goals;
  • Monitors endurance, tempo, threshold, V02Max and anaerobic parameters;
  • Manages monetary rewards after training completion.

AI will soon outperform Human Coaches and here is why:

Data Analysis. Human Coach is lack in data analysis: One of AI's strong suits is the ability to analyze large sets of data in record time. Unlike human coaches, AI can assess, process, and produce insights from complex health data, augmenting the decision-making process.

Availability. Human Coach is lack in 24x7 on demand availability: AI coaches are not restricted by time zones, schedules, or personal commitments. They are available 24/7, providing constant assistance and feedback when required. AI coaches are always on duty.

Consistency. Human Coaches are poor in consistency. AI algorithms don't suffer from typical human bias or mood swings. It will also provide consistent processes based on coaching we train it on. This leads to consistency in coaching, maintaining an unchanging standard of coaching quality.

Long-term tracking. Human Coach definitely looses to AI with athlete’s long-term tracking even using data-rich apps. Tracking progress over extended periods can be challenging for humans. AI, on the other hand, excels in this area, continuously monitoring and adjusting the learning path.

Scalability is not strong side of Human Coaches. AI coaches can accommodate athletes simultaneously, something impossible for individual human coaches. Or at least the vast majority.

Seamless Learning Adaptation. AI has the ability to personalize learning paths based on each athletes needs, adapting in real-time according to latest learnings from coaching and learning sessions. Our AI-learning program constantly improves AI coaches to be superior and adaptive.

Personal Neutrality. Human Coaches are not attentive to athletes, even training groups are overcrowded: AI offers unbiased coaching, unaffected by personal biases or emotions that could cloud a human coach's judgment. AI coaches are created to motivate athletes to obtain better results.

Access & Affordability. AI coaching tools are often more accessible and affordable than human coaches, allowing a broader range of athletes to benefit from professional coaching.

TCO. Unfortunately, AI win Humans in economic value. The average cost of one-hour training with tennis coach in US is about $100. AI coaches time is 100 times cheaper compared to Human Coaches. We create AI coaches in different sports that will cost about $20 per month in total and allows to build healthy habits and achieve better workouts performance to everyone.

Actiq generally aims to incentivize fitness and sport, helping to reduce obesity and sedentariness, and giving users an opportunity to reinforce dopaminergic reward system by using tokenized incentives precisely controlled by AI for improving their perfomance. Indeed, researchers recently found that improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness lead to a significant reduction in all-cause and disease-specific mortality, with an individual’s maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) being strongly correlated with their life expectancy.

Actiq generates rewards in the form of blockchain-based digital tokens ($ACTI). Users are rewarded by AI Sport Coach in native utility tokens for completing sport-related training blocks — across most playing and athletic sports (tennis, golf, boxing, padel, running, biking etc.).Exact reward table for each sport will be announced later. As part of the AI by AI program, before the product will be released, a unique incentivizing algorithm will be created while athletes will train AI to earn monetary incentives. That will affect a final part of customer development campaign which is starts in Q2 of 2023 within 200+ thriathletes to help us to validate product and market fit. Also we bridge data from all professional sports applications into one place and give you rewards for tracking user activities. Strava, Zwift, Peloton, RGT and other platforms users can connect their profiles to the Actiquest platform and get $ACTI initial airdrop based on the last 3 month data of imported sport activities.

Actiq tracks activity and completion of training blocks using the any health ecosystem such as Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit and Suunto. This is assessed to see by selected AI Coach (we create different coaching characters which are taking in a sense age, style or gender of athlete) if it qualifies for rewards.

AI powered anti-cheat technology will be employed to ensure that only genuine fitness data is taken into account in the reward calculation process. As our algorithms requires more complex communication with athlete, it will be hardly to imitate Humans in multimodal AI environment.

# Vision & Mission

# Vision

Innovate better health & lifestyle technology for billions of people by using latest AI developments. Cutting the cost of Human Coaches, changing the training path with 24x7 available personalized AI Coaches and gamified rewards. Democratizing the way to be athletic to everyone.

# Mission

We create new approach for gamified training for all athletes in the world. We revolutionize athletic training with AI coaches and highly personalized multi-sport approach. We will build up an activity-to-earn platform which could be extended with Social-Fi functions, which supports the connection between users and community through exercises in play and athletic sports.

# Product Release

Actiq app beta is set to launch in Q1 2024. Register to take a part in AI by AI (Athletes incentivization by AI) program which is started in Q4 of 2023 to stay informed and register your interest.

We plan to run AI managed DAO and unique incentivizing algorithm for athletes while athletes will train AI to get monetary incentives.

First phase: AI coaching engine training, starts in Q4 2023 Second phase: Live workouts with AI coaches in tennis and athletic sports (running), starts in Q1 2024.

Follow the link and fill the form: https://actiq.xyz/earlybird.html

# Carbon Neutral

A portion of Actiquest profits will be fixed to purchase carbon neutral credits on the blockchain to fight climate change.

# Competitors table

One-pager researh of Actiquest competitors.

# Founding Team

  • Michael Aprossine - CEO. Thriathlon Fan.
  • Phil Khomenok - COO, Experienced Swimmer
  • Ankit Sahu - CFO, Experienced Tennis Player.
  • Mich Keer - CTO
  • Sergey Koskov - Product Market Fit. Athlete.
  • Iskander Khakimov - FullStack, Front-End. Triathlete.
  • Vit Znak - FullStack, Back-End. Athlete.
  • +3 people (Data scientists/testing)

# Innovation & Quality

Our team focuses first and foremost on innovation and quality. We value creative, unconventional thinking and bold ideas that can be harnessed into a product that is useful in day to day life. We take utmost care in the quality of service and products that we provide, making sure everything is thoroughly tested and processed through our design system, bringing you the best possible product and service we can offer.

Actiq focuses on long-term growth. Our goal is continuous innovation that will inspire people to take better care of their health in new and exciting ways. We will update our prizes, form partnerships with leading brands in the fitness and tech industry, and release products that stretch far beyond being simply another application. Our platform integrates it with the up and coming space in blockchain.

Whether you are a athlete with a long term goal, Actiq is the platform for you. Please, subscribe to our Actiquest AI Journey Blog.

# Getting started with ACTIQ app

# Tokenomics

500M fixed cap $ACTI incentive token. TGE event scheduled in Q1 of 2024 (end of February).

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