# Actiquest

# Meet Actiq - M2E sports super app

Actiquest is an “Activity to Earn" super app based on combined heartbeat/activity/behavior monitoring using any fitness tracker device focused around cyclists' mixed activities: cycling, running, swimming. Actiquest creates challenges in cycling, running, swimming, sport walking, free workout and even dancing, where our users can compete in terms of speed, distance, have competitions as a group, or even create their own custom challenge.

# Fundamentals

Actiquest provides you chances to work out on a daily basis either in single or world challenge mode. We also record your training results and convert your moving movement into valuable rewards.

Connect to a larger global community and unlock new ways to be rewarded for an active lifestyle and sportive performance – it's that simple!

Earn $ACTI (governance token) and $QUEST (in-game token) through your performance exercises, hold it or exchange coins for store purchases, physical products & NFTs, event tickets, organize real sport events and holder ranking to access features.

Actiquest promotes an active lifestyle for its users. You can either hold the tokens and NFTs earned to use in-app or cash out for profit. The more you practice, the more rewards you get; that is the motivation that pushes us forward to move our bodies so as to gain both beneficial health and passive income.

# Understanding Move-to-Earn (M2E)

Move-to-earn is a relatively new phenomenon that includes a variety of products and services that reward users for being active. We're a platform that provides users with rewards for keeping fit, unlocking an additional income stream for participating in their usual exercise activities, or taking part in specific fitness-related challenges. It builds on the trend and success of play-to-earn, where users are rewarded, in cryptocurrency, for playing games.

Actiquest generally aims to incentivize fitness and sport, helping to reduce obesity and sedentariness, and giving users an opportunity to earn an income for improving their health. Indeed, researchers recently found that improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness lead to a significant reduction in all-cause and disease-specific mortality, with an individual’s maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) being strongly correlated with their life expectancy.

The term move-to-earn refers to the possibility of earning valuable rewards while doing activities like moving about, similar to P2E (play-to-earn), which has since been adopted by a variety of other apps that reward users for their activity.

Actiquest generates rewards in the form of blockchain-based digital tokens. Users are rewarded in native utility tokens for completing fitness-related tasks — such as walking, running, or swimming.

Actiquest tracks activity and completion of tasks using the data from a cell phone or fitness tracker. This is assessed to see if it qualifies for rewards. Earned tokens can then either be directly traded for goods and services within the application or sold/traded on an internal marketplace or external exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

AI powered anti-cheat technology will be employed to ensure that only genuine fitness data is taken into account in the reward calculation process.

# Vision & Mission

# Vision

Innovate better health & lifestyle technology for billions of people by acquiring non-crypto users to the crypto metaverse, where people can connect through fitness and sport activities.

# Mission

We will build up an activity-to-earn platform which could be extended with Social-Fi functions, which supports the connection between users and community through exercises such as Cycle, Run, Walk, Workout, Swim, Dance and more to come. We will bridge data from all professional sports applications into one place and give you rewards for tracking user activities. Strava, Zwift, Peloton, RGT and other platforms users can connect their profiles to the Actiquest platform and get $ACTI instant airdrop based on the last 3 month data of imported sport activities.

# Product Release

Actiq app beta is set to launch in Q4 2022. Register for the waitlist to stay informed and register your interest.

# Carbon Neutral

A portion of Actiquest profits will be fixed to purchase carbon neutral credits on the blockchain to fight climate change.

# Founding Team

  • Michael Aprossine - CEO
  • Phil Khomenok - COO
  • Mich Keer - AI/Python developer
  • Sergey Koskov - Bizdev, Marketing
  • Iskander Khakimov - FullStack, Front-End. Bike triatlon champion.
  • Vit Znak - FullStack, Back-End
  • Anton Zuev - Mobile app dev (Kotlin)
  • +3 people (Blockchain dev’s/testing)
  • +3 people (3D-motion designers)

# Innovation & Quality

Our team focuses first and foremost on innovation and quality. We value creative, unconventional thinking and bold ideas that can be harnessed into a product that is useful in day to day life. We take utmost care in the quality of service and products that we provide, making sure everything is thoroughly tested and processed through our design system, bringing you the best possible product and service we can offer.

Actiquest focuses on long-term growth. Our goal is continuous innovation that will inspire people to take better care of their health in new and exciting ways. We will update our prizes, form partnerships with leading brands in the fitness and tech industry, and release products that stretch far beyond being simply another application. Our platform integrates it with the up and coming space in blockchain.

Whether you are a user or investor with a long term goal, Actiquest is the platform for you.

# Getting started with ACTIQ app

# Tokenomics

Two currencies will be used. An in-game uncapped $QUEST coin and an on-chain 500M fixed cap $ACTI.

# About

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We ❤️ feedback.