# Gameplay system

# Single Mode

# General description

Users start the exact activity mode to collect tokens: Cycle, Run, Walk, Workout, Swim, Dance. Each type of activity uses a specific activity-to-earn algorithm to mint $ACTI based on a combination of heart rate, track length, steps and speed data. All users' activities are monitored by in-app AI to avoid cheats and fraud. To start your Move to Earn, and mint $ACTI you must purchase any NFT Specialty in mode shops and if you want to get a $QUEST, you’ll need endurance (END). Otherwise you should mint $ACTI more slowly using your sport exercises only. Every 1 END is equivalent to 5 minutes of your moving, and only once you have done your NFT specialty purchasing.

# NFT specialty samples:

Cycle marketplace: bikes, handlebars, frames, seats, helmets, forks, upgrades etc. Run marketplace: sneakers, socks, gloves, apparel, accessories, bags and more.

NFT chests: (geoquest achievements) on track. Users can collect special NFT Items while completing performance tasks on the track. This allows them to increase END value and generate more $ACTI lifetime.

NFT chest specialty items: drinks, energy boosters, collectibles etc. To collect chest items, users should perform a simple task: while located in the geofencing position where the chest exists, take a selfie and make a special pose which can be recognized by in-app AI.

Floating: Due to the loss/ weakness of your GPS/ Internet connection or the user is not moving properly, this will be shown which leads to the END losing (depends on the cases) and no QUEST earnings.

GPS Signal: no GPS with White, Poor GPS with red and green illustrates a capable GPS Signal.

NFT breeding: If a user is active in multi modes, for example: cycling + running in the same time period (day) it allows to breed all collected NFTs and collect more $ACTI/QUEST tokens.

# NFT Chests

In Single Mode, the NFT chest is a magical box that is randomly allocated while you're on the go. It's filled with chest items, users should perform a simple task: while located in the geofencing position where the chest exists, take a selfie and perform a special pose which can be recognized by in-app AI. There are ten NFT chest slots with NFT specialty items available per user. The NFT chest rarity in ten types is the same as ten NFT sport items in app mode shops. Once you get it, it takes you a few seconds, and the countdown to pose making starts automatically. They can not open it once the countdown is over and requested poses are not recognized. Please note that the NFT chest countdown time increases in equivalent to its rariity. NFT chest can unlock items or NFT collabs with brands or markets.

# Challenge mode

Users can take the weekly and monthly challenges in Challenge Mode, and it has to be registered at least 24 hours before the launch.

Weekly Challenge - These challenges occur weekly and last to the end of it. Monthly Challenge - These challenges occur monthly and last to the end of it.

When the user successfully registers and completes the challenge, Mission Log will notify them and then they can explore a lot of special features of the app such as Set a Goal for better experience.

# Registration cost

Upon enrollment, the users have to pay a returnable fee to ensure liability in $QUEST tokens. Fees are refunded upon completion of the Challenge or pooled as a cumulative reward for users on Leaderboard.

# Leaderboards

Challenging opponents are ranked based on a points system. And points will be calculated according to the exact algorithm of game mode where the challenge is created. For the more competitive users, Actiquest features both local and global leaderboards, allowing users to gauge their performance against the broader Actiquest community, and push themselves to their limits. A range of attractive perks and rewards will be made available to the top-ranking Actiquest users - along with the chance to secure a slot as a sponsored athlete.

# Prizes

  1. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get $ACTI and $QUEST tokens and Gold NFT Medal
  2. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get $QUEST tokens and Silver NFT Medal
  3. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get $QUEST tokens and Bronze NFT Medal
  4. All Challenge competitors will achieve an NFT Medal of Participation

# Team Challenge Mode

By sharing the Activation Code, the user has a chance to get accumulated points or Medals. And after reaching a certain level of points, users have the right to be a leader and create their own clubs and group challenges. And teams can compete against each other in the Team Challenge section. The ranking is calculated based on the participants numbers and the total kilometers accumulated over a specified period of time The winning team can earn a limited NFT sport item in addition to the ACTI & QUEST tokens.

# NFT items

  1. "Performance" (QUEST Earning) - Single Mode, Challenge Mode. n Single Mode, Performance (binded to heartbeat rate) plays an important role in QUEST earnings. With a larger "Performance" attribute, you will get more QUEST per END (endurance). Higher "performance" leads to faster leaderboard accumulation in Challenge Mode.

  2. “Luck” (NFT Chest) - Single Mode, NFT sport items lending: Luck is based on the frequency and rarity of NFT Chest drops. While NFT sport items are leased out, users can also receive NFT Chest drops.

  3. “Speed” (ACTI Earning) - Single Mode, Challenge Mode, Staking/Governance.

  4. “Recovery” - Single Mode, Challenge Mode. In Single Mode, "Recovery" affects the NFT sport item’s Endurance. A higher “Recovery” will result in a slower endurance decline.If you have a high-rariity sport NFT, you have to pay a higher repair fee for it. Endurance is defined as the "endurance" of the NFT sport item’s. As the user moves, endurance will decay. NFT’s items are penalized for a "worn-out" at 2 Endurance (END) points:

  5. At 50/100 Endurance (END), NFT Item Performance decreases to 90%

  6. At 20/100 Endurance (END), NFT Item Performance decreases to 10%

In Challenge Mode, “Recovery” will allow the user to obtain more points as their sport NFT item will stay on the “worn-out” penalty range for longer. Users will be able to score ACTI/QUEST to reset the NFT item rarity score. The more frequent it is to reset, the more expensive it will be, with fees capped at a certain rate. Several items may breed and give more summarized returns in total.

# NFT items taxonomy

# Cycling mode items

Each NFT riding equipment has the ability of Performance, Maintenance, Control, Lucky.

Name Optimal heartbeat range (70-120 bpm, 1X10 bpm pl) Base Return (daily rate)
Sport Bike (base version) 1 - 8 4 QUEST/ 1 END used
--- --- ---
Frame A 1 - 4 2 QUEST/ 1 END used
--- --- ---
Frame B 3 - 6 3 QUEST/ 1 END used