# Tokenomics

# Basics

Actiquest is developing technology for autonomous and constantly learned AI sport coaches (human digital twins) based on the latest developments in AI: a combination of deep learning, decision making, computer vision and generative AI enabled with Natural Language Processing. The technology allows human coaches to digitize the training process and create AI-twin coaches using mobile app to train athletes remotely.

Athletes can hear the AI coach's live recommendations, respond to him during training, make adjustments to the plan, receive tokenized rewards based on the results of completing training blocks, and much more. Supported sports: tennis, golf, power training, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, remedial gymnastics, etc.

# Actiq's training program is goal-based, not mechanical exercise routines

  • It helps not to sabotage training and stay in a good mood, because participating in Actiq gamified trainings and quests is fun;
  • Allows to focus only on the workouts you need to win competitions;
  • Helps not to get hung up on volumes by sequentially completing individual quests in Actiq;
  • Increases workout variability;
  • Keeps athlete motivated to reach your goal with rewarded daily workouts;
  • Allows to fight off the registration bones of participation in "big" competitions by winning Actiq competitions and maintaining your position in the leaderboard. For example, participation in ironman costs $200. Holding a position in the Actiq leaderboard for several days allows an athlete to earn $500+!;

# What are ACTI utility tokens? Why has Actiq launched them?

Actiq launches tokenized web3 incentives (as $ACTI ERC20 tokens) for athletes as essential part of AI by AI (Athletes Incentives by Artificial Intelligence) program, where athletes can take a part in new AI models training, get rewards from AI managed sport coaching, workouts and competitions.

Athletes can use $ACTI in several ways

  • Redeem $ACTI tokens for app subscription
  • Redeem $ACTI tokens for in-app purchases
  • Redeem $ACTI tokens for discount vouchers of Actiq Sport partners (endurance event providers, sport apparel brands, travel, telecom services and many more).
  • Put $ACTI to staking program for profit
  • Vote with $ACTI stake in Actiq AI Sport DAO (TBA)


  • Zero dependence app economy from new users flow;
  • Creates strong demand support for $ACTI as a utility, both on-chain and off-chain use cases;
  • Reduces negative factors value (such as FUD, market manipulations, and abnormal price volatility);
  • Drives web3 adoption with a mass sport-addicted audience.

$ACTI tokenomics aspects to stop token inflation and price dump

  • Fixed 500M HardCap. No new tokens will be issued anymore
  • 50% of $ACTI belongs to AI by AI program allocation. Tokens from this allocation are locked and releasing in small amounts using deflationary algorithm.
  • Each time athlete will redeem $ACTI for goods and services mentioned above, it will be burned by $ACTI smart contract function. So, total quantity of tokens in free circulation will be dumped by this function.
  • Not more 10% of $ACTI tokens may be in free circulation in a lifetime.
  • Actiq will use up to 25% of its profits to buyback the $ACTI tokens to cover the pricing dumps.

$ACTI Basic Metrics

  • Ticker: $ACTI
  • Blockchain Network: EVM Compatible/Blockchain Agnostic
  • Token Supply: 500M
  • Project Valuation: $20M

Revenue Streams

  • B2B Sales (AI models for Sport Coaching). 25% of gross profit will be transferred to buyback the tokens;
  • B2С Sales (Actiq App Subscription and in-app purchases). 25% of gross profit will be transferred to buyback the tokens;
  • Token Growth;
  • $ACTI Commissions (phygital goods marketplace).

Token Metrics

# TGE Roadmap

Private r.1: $0.01-$0.025, price depends on investment check amount (TBA)

  • Vesting terms: 20% unlock at TGE, 5 months cliff, then vesting 18 months with linear unlock
  • Private r.1 Date: 05.07.2024-15.07.2024
  • Private r.1 Raise: $250,000
  • Participants: SAFT Investors & KOL’s

Private r.2 Price: $0.05

  • Vesting terms: 10% at TGE, 6 months cliff, then vesting 18 months with linear unlock
  • Private r.2 Date: 15.07.2024
  • Private r.2 Raise: $500,000
  • Launchpads: Spores, Kommunitas, private groups

Public round: Price: $0.1

  • Vesting terms: 10% at TGE, 6 months cliff, then 10% every 3rd month
  • Public Price: Date: 20.07.2024
  • Public Price: Raise: $1,000,000
  • Launchpads: DAOMaker ($600,000) + 5 other's

Exchanges Listing: Price: $0.1

  • Listing Date: 01.08.24
  • Initial Market Cap: 50% from collected funds at TGE
  • Exchanges: Mexc=>Gate=>Bybit

Token Distribution